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Financial independence and how to reach it through the financial markets. That’s what is this all about.

Nowadays, people are as free as much money they have. I think this statement is generally true with some small exemptions. Just let’s have a look at the following questions. In a situation when there is no money: Can you decide whether you live in a house in a beautiful neighborhood or in a tiny flat? Where will you go for holidays or will you go somewhere at all? Which transport means do you use and what do you eat?

To be free, we need to have a source of income, which might be for the majority of people an employment. Employees give a large part of their time (or better to say of their life) away to work on someone else’s dream and trade it for a regular income. The steady income brings security, to a certain level, for the employee. However, we, as employees, give part of our freedom away.

Fortunately, I belong to the happy people who like their job. Still, there is always the feeling that you are dependent on someone else as an employee. You have to ask when you can take holidays, you have to do those tasks which you get assigned and you go to work to a very concrete place every day.

My desire to be financially independent is not just to have money. Of course, money is always good, but it is good because of what we can do with it. I think it applies to the majority of people that we want to be able to take care of our families, to live in comfortable conditions or to afford exploring different and incredibly beautiful places in this interesting world. Money provides us with great security and the possibility to choose. Some people have materialistic desires, such as to buy a tesla or the newest smart phone, which is also ok. In other words, money is not the aim, but the instrument to achieve the aim.

The best way to achieve financial independence, at least the best way which I have found for me, is through financial markets. There are various possibilities out there, offered by trading or investing in different instruments. This blog will explore exactly this and share it with you.

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