Lifetime learning paves the way to success

If you are the best one in the room, you are not in the right room. Steady improvement and learning is a necessity for success in any field.

Many people see a full-time job as their final goal and they stop developing themselves. Do not work on the job, work on yourself. Some people just sit in the work, do the necessary minimum so that things are somehow running, while wishing that the time will flow faster. Others try to gain new skills and knowledge, improving their value at the market, while doing their job.

Improve yourself

A full-time job is a great basis for our further development. When “writing” is part of our daily work, learn how to write like a pro. Today, with the help of internet, everything is so much easier. Make a small research on how to structure an e-mail or check out which words are used in letters of companies’ executive directors and start using them by yourself. If you do it regularly, people will start to notice. You can improve any activity which you need for your daily work or find a completely new area of interest. I have worked on myself while doing my regular job, but I have also found another area which I am extremely passionate about and that is trading and investing at the financial markets.

Glowing light bulbAs traders, we can improve significantly and maybe even reach the point, when trading becomes the main source of our income. For that, it is important to know that learning did not stop at school. We learn the whole life.  There are different types of learning and the most powerful one is when you learn because you want to. As traders or investors, there is so much to discover. When you trade stocks, why not to explore what moves the price and how the stock market actually works. Do you trade just the European markets? Have a look at the U.S. or Asian ones. Why not broaden your horizon and try to understand futures contracts or how to invest in bonds?

Reading books and associating with experts is a good starting point

In the process of discovering new things, after years of being active at the financial markets, I finally came across options and options selling in particular. This is one of the best things that happened to me in Books on a shelfmy professional life. I am happy I discovered option selling at some point, even though not at the complete beginning. To give you a better starting point, I want to pass the knowledge further to you because option selling is a good concept for many different reasons.

I can truly confirm what is being said, namely that knowledge is power. Options selling allows you to be the casino or the lotto company, which constantly makes profit while having the probabilities on our side. I have listed some useful books on this website, which are worth reading and helped me to be regularly profitable as option seller. You might be even lucky to find these books in a library.

People learning from a professionalOnce you see that you have acquired some basics, you might start looking for a mentor or someone with a little bit more experience in that particular field. Try to associate with people doing exactly that what you want to do. Absorb their knowledge and train with them. Whatever field it is, you do not want to be “the best one in the room”. If you currently are, find another room and someone to learn from. Do not challenge a turtle to see who is faster. You want to challenge an eagle. Even when you lose, you will learn how to be better. That way, the greatest progress is being made.

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