First step completed: Premium-Flow up and running

Premium-Flow has been online since more than one month and I compleTicking boxtely forgot to celebrate. Time flies really fast (which is good for the option sellers). I am really proud about the successful launch of Premium-Flow, but now it is time to look forward. I urgently need to get some traffic.

The reasons behind Premium-Flow

It is just fair to say why I am actually writing this blog. For me, there are three main reasons:

1. Writing about something what I really like to do

I am a big believer that once you start doing what you like, big things will happen. Financial markets are my passion and keep me hooked already for years. Premium-Flow is another thing that brings me even closer to the financial markets. It makes me happy to write about the different methods how to earn money in the financial markets, with the major focus on option selling. Option selling is for me the holy grail how to achieve regular income.

2. Spreading the positive message about option selling

This will be a challenge, which I am ready to take. Premium-Flow must grow substantially to achieve this goal, but “never say never”.

Many people want to earn money at the financial markets. However, the majority starts with directional trading where the odds are against you. Then instead of earning money, many traders lose them. Then the question is: Why do people start with trading which is relatively difficult? The reason is very simple because trading is the most promoted method. Therefore, I thought, let’s promote a method where the odds are on your side. That is why I want to spread the information about option selling.

Option selling is a working method how to achieve a monthly salary. I do not automatically expect that everybody will believe me. Hence, this blog will be full of examples, successful stories etc. I am not saying that you should start selling as many options as possible right now. Sure, there are risks and without any basics, it will probably not work. One might lose money with option selling if doing it wrong. The same happens when one starts to cook without never doing it or seeing it before. However, I am convinced that everybody, who wants, can learn how to sell options and how to make money. It is just the willingness. It does not matter how clever you are.

3. Getting huge value from the blog also by myself

Last, but not least, I also have a great benefit from Premium-Flow. For example, when I introduce an option selling trade, I learn a lot myself. I look at all the signs in detail whether to open this position or not. I make a thorough analysis, study the market and then summarize the facts. There is always something new to discover. I also better remember things which I might have forgotten.


Next challenge – Finding readers

It is certainly nice to write a blog, but it is much nicer if somebody also reads the blog. I can tell you 🙂 I caught myself looking too often at the visitors’ statistics, but there was not really much to look at. Hence, the next challenge is to get some people to read Premium-Flow.

Premium-Flow visitors - statistics

At the beginning, I did not really prepare a master-plan how to start a blog step by step, how to find readers, how to advertise it and so on and so forth. One day, I just started to write and the more I get into it, the more I see how many new things I discover.

Get some traffic

There is a whole science how to get traffic on one’s website. This whole area is so developed that one could create a new university dealing just with this issue. Sure, I knew that one can promote his or her website via social media, but there is so much more.

For example, there is a thing called SEO – Search Engine Optimization – never heard about that before. You basically fine-tune a website in a way that it will appear somewhere at the top of Google search. There are hundreds of tricks one can do. There is also something with “back-links”. Do not ask me what is that, I still need to check it. Fortunately, I have a huge help in my girlfriend, who does all the technical work. She also recommended me a website which contains a lot of interesting information about exactly this topic – how to get traffic.

Spreading the messagePure excitment and enthusiasm

Hence, if you want to make my day, spread the message about Premium-Flow, like it, comment it, share it. Or just stop by once for a while and maybe you will find here one or two useful ideas.

Staying with option selling

Getting traffic is important, but my priority will always be financial markets. Selling option is my passion and that is what I do. I will certainly devote some time to promoting Premium-Flow, but not the most of my time. At the end, If I raise interest even in few people who might follow this topic, that will be a huge success.

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