I teach proven methods and strategies how to achieve a regular income from the financial markets

I have spent years testing different approaches how to make money in the financial markets. I have tried different ways of trading and investing, but most importantly, on my journey, I have found the concept of options selling.

Now, I want to share the knowledge in a professional way.

I will be your online coach teaching you how to trade in the financial markets with the help of options and option selling. The financial market is a zero-sum game. If one makes profit, someone else has to lose. Therefore, to compete with the thousands of professionals active in the financial markets, you need to have an edge.

This online coaching is for aspiring individuals who are looking to create an additional source of income and are willing to learn. The coaching, taking place via Skype is suitable for small accounts as well as for individuals who are willing to trade big.

The suggested topics include:

  • Understanding the markets and the concept of options
  • Defining basic rules of option selling necessary for success
  • Explaining how to use the existing advantages in order to make regular income
  • Understanding how to select the right underlying
  • Focusing on practicalities needed to trade successfully
  • Providing practical information facilitating your start

The suggested topics are selected on my experience as what works best. Depending whether you are a beginner or have already some experience, the topics will be adjusted. The ultimate aim is for the student to be able to generate regular income in the financial markets.

Get ready to start and become a successful options seller

  • Start date: Whenever it’s good for you!
  • Course length: The length of the course is up to you. Take your time, don’t stress it.
  • Frequency: From experience, two lessons per week work the best. This can also be adjusted according to your needs.

This couching is based on a lot of serious research. I did not began to make regular profits overnight. It has been a long road filled with many dead-ends and mistakes from my side. Today I know that with a mentor, this journey would have been much shorter.

It is true that one can find a great amount of information online. There are millions and millions sources and pieces of advice supplied by different actors, among others the financial industry. Some information is great, some pieces of advice should better not be followed. Let me teach you from my mistakes than making your own. I offer you a guidance and a shortcut to be able to earn a regular additional income in the financial markets.

For more information about coaching, please to do not hesitate to contact me: